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When it comes to health, water is kind of a big deal. In fact, no other substance is as important for our bodies. So if you’re consistently drinking water, you’re already doing something great for your health.

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Alkaline Water Benefit: Drink Your Way to Better Health

Posted on September 13, 2017 at 2:35 PM

Did you know that drinking alkaline water provides many benefits that may increase your overall health? Alkaline water benefits are not limited to just keeping us healthy, but there are cases reported where it may contribute to the cure of many diseases.


Several studies can prove that alkaline water has a positive effect on the body.


Anti-oxidants help protect our bodies from free radicals that can cause various health problems. Free radicals are groups of atoms that can damage our body by hurting the immune system. When our immune system is compromised, it can lead to infection and different types of diseases ranging from minor illnesses to serious degenerative diseases.


Free radicals come from a variety of sources such as exposure to toxic substances such as pollution, cigarette smoke and even common household products. The body needs antioxidants to help combat the effect of free radicals in our environment. A great source of anti-oxidants is alkaline water.


In other words, by just by drinking alkaline water, you can help protect your body from many different diseases that can cause serious health issues. In fact, it is reported to be much more effective than most products and capsules available today for the simple reason that alkaline water is in liquid form. This makes it much easier for the body to absorb.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Posted on July 13, 2017 at 1:45 PM

For most of us, how to reach our very best level of health is a bit of a mystery. We can manage to eat right, exercise regularly, even take expensive supplements, and still lack that sense of vitality that should come with good health.

Some of us struggle with enormous health challenges such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, weight issues, back pain, digestion disorders, constipation, diabetes, hypertension and on and on, so many more. Health problems that can certainly slow us down and often make us feel frustrated or discouraged. Even people who consider themselves relatively healthy often have a sense that their health should really be so much better, right?

There is something so simple and yet so effective that you will be amazed that it can create profound changes in your health. It’s called ionized, alkaline water, the Japanese call it kangen water. Ionized alkaline water starts out as ordinary tap water, but it is transformed through water ionization to something only found in nature – it becomes water that is super hydrating, it becomes water that is loaded with anti-aging antioxidants, and it becomes water that detoxifies, flushing toxins and acidic wastes out of our cells like true nature’s water was intended to do.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; health experts across the country are making the case for drinking alkaline water. Let’s read a few of these here:

Experts on Alkaline Water Benefits


Dr. Sherry Rodgers, author of “Detox or Die” says,

“Alkaline water rids the body of acid waste. After carefully evaluating the results of my advice to hundreds of individuals, I am convinced that toxicity in the form of acidic waste is the primary cause of degenerative disease.”

Most of us have heard of — if not been on — the Atkins Diet. Here’s what the noted diet author and health expert Dr. Robert Atkins, writes,

“The cells and fluids in most peoples bodies are overly acidic. This can cause a lot of health problems. It prevents your body from neutralizing and disposing of harmful poisonous toxins and leaves you more susceptible to the cell damaging free radical oxidation that leads to cancer and other diseases.”

Then there’s Dr. William Kelly, College of Metabolic Medicine and author of “Cancer Cure.” He says, and I quote,

“Alkaline water produced by a water ionizer has become the most important advancement in healthcare since Sir Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.”

And this one by Dr. Leonard Horowitz the author of “Aids and Ebola,” is really interesting. He did a tremendous amount of research. Here are his findings,

“International studies show that populations with little or no history of illness; such as cancer, drink higher pH alkaline waters. After all potential risk factors were considered and factored out; it became evident that they had been drinking waters with a pH of 9.0 to 10.0.”

Isn’t that is amazing? We could go on and on. The consensus is pretty much the same, ionized alkaline water is probably the best water we can drink on the planet. Take a look at the video and learn a bit more about the history of ionized alkaline water and all its properties and amazing health benefits.


Top 4 Benefits of Alkaline Water

The cutting-edge alkaline water ionization technology brings water back to its original state, it provides these significant benefits…

Benefit #1: Alkaline Water is antioxidant water that strengthens the Body’s Immune System


When drinking alkaline water, you are drinking a glass of anti-oxidants. This Ionized/Alkalized/ (fine-filtered) water delivers a massive amount of negatively charged electrons, to cling to & neutralize the free-radicals causing daily damage & premature aging within our bodies.

(FACT: Free radicals are the result of: poor diet, stress, pollution, chemicals, medications, and more.)

Benefit #2: Alkaline Water is High pH Water


In our modern world, many of us are too acidic physically. Acidosis is the cause of many major and minor diseases, aches and pains. There is therefore an urgent need to alkalize. Furthermore cancer, chronic fatigue, and many other illnesses thrive within an acidic body. Ionized water restores alkalinity and flushes acidic toxins out from the body, leaving your blood clean and able to transport critical nutrients to the cells. Most water like tap water and bottled water have an alkalinity of 6.4 to 7, which is not enough to raise your body alkalinity.

Disease cannot flourish in an alkaline environment. Most city tap water and some bottled drinking water are acidic. Many of the foods we eat are also acidic. Our body has the ability to alkalize itself, however the rate of acidic intake and stress is too much for the body to counter and reverse. Our blood being 79% water can gradually become acidic, filled with yeasts, molds, bacteria, and wastes and/or heavy metals. Alkaline water can assist your body to alkalize itself again. Water from the Alkaviva ionizer filter is 100’s of times more alkaline than even the freshest spring water. (1000’s of times more so than tap or bottled water.)

Gaining fat is a result of an acidic body, it stores the excess waste in the form of fat. As the body alkalizes, excess body weight may naturally melt away as acids are gradually and naturally removed from the body.

Benefit #3: Alkaline Water Energizes Your Body


Water is a nutrient, this is a known fact. Alkaline water is a super nutrient. As proven by Nobel prize winner Otto Heinrich Warburg, cells in the body deficient of oxygen run the risk of turning cancerous, because they the body is acidic. As stated above, ionized alkaline water helps deliver nutrients to your body cells more efficiently than tap or bottled water, giving you more energy throughout your day.

Benefit #4: Alkaline Water Hydrates the Body Better


This structured water molecule is smaller in size making water up to 6x more absorb-able. Alkaline water easily penetrates your body at cellular level, bringing a continual flood of better hydration and renewal. Cells begin to function as they should for optimum health and peak performance.

Alkalinity or being pH balanced is the perfect environment for health and wellness. God created our bodies to be just that, alkaline. It is no accident He originally made water to be alkaline as well as vegetables and herbs because it is good for us.



There's more at: Alkaline Water Amazing Health Benefits - Kangen Water 

Incredible Benefits of Alkaline Water

Posted on July 3, 2017 at 1:30 PM

Nowadays there are so many products that offer water with a high pH, including alkaline water. Then what is alkaline water? Alkaline water is water that has a pH level (power of Hydrogen) above 8. High pH levels in alkaline water make this water is more alkaline than normal water. Naturally, alkaline water is very beneficial for the body health, which is to balance the acidity levels in the body. This is the difference between alkaline water and normal water:


Alkaline water has 8 or 9 pH.

Regular water generally has 6 to 7 pH.

Benefits of High pH Level


Alkaline water refers to its pH level. A pH level is a number that indicates how much acidic or alkaline a substance on a scale of 0-14. Anything with a pH of 1 is very acidic, and anything with a pH of 13 will be strongly alkaline.


Alkaline water has a pH level higher than normal drinking water. Therefore, some believe advocates of alkaline water can neutralize acid in the body. Normal drinking water generally has neutral, that is 7 pH. The alkaline water generally has 8 or 9 pH.

Alkaline water can help:


Neutralize the acid in the bloodstream, it affects the increased oxygen levels and increase energy. The fact that 80 percent of food and beverages that we consume every day is a producer of acid molecules, by consuming alkaline water, the body will remain healthy because the acid levels in the body will remain balanced.

Several studies were mentioned that pH alkaline water has other benefits for the body, such as antioxidants that against free radicals, digestive system, prevent osteoporosis, maintain healthy skin and so on. Besides the alkaline water can also help increase metabolism and reduce levels of acidity in the bloodstream so that later the body’s absorption of nutrients will be faster.

Regularly consuming alkaline water will make the body healthy and protected from various threats. You can make your own alkaline water, but you have to be careful in measuring. Or, if you don’t want to make it by yourself, you can buy alkaline water in containers that you can consume it directly.

Article from drhealthbenefits

How Alkaline Water Works In Our Body

Posted on June 27, 2017 at 10:30 AM

There is a lot of information about alkaline water on the internet these days. A lot of people are questioning the validity and the benefit of alkaline water. Many also claim it is a scam. There is also another group that supports the usage and consumption of alkaline water daily. But the information that was shown about the benefits and how it works, I cannot blame those that mentioned this whole topic is a scam.

The truth is a lot of information on the internet is not accurate. The benefits as mostly had mentioned is alkaline water is good because our body need the alkalinity. And our body works best in optimal pH of 7.356. This is not wrong. Our body blood stream actually works in a pH of slightly higher alkalinity. When we consume water or food, our highly acidic digestive system will neutralize any food and water intake. So it is no longer alkaline. So it is not the alkalinity that is beneficial to human body.

The main benefit from alkaline water is the antioxidant effects. Antioxidant helps to combat toxins in our body and flushed out impurities from our body. Not all alkaline water has the antioxidant effect. Antioxidant is achieved when the water goes through an ionizer machine. The ionization process will cause the water to be alkaline. The antioxidant level within the water can be measured by the O.R.P. This measurement can also be directly tested using an O.R.P. sensor and meter. The key impact for alkaline water ionizer machine is the Oxidation Reduction potential (O.R.P.) value and is micro-clustered physiology. This O.R.P. is a measure of water capacity to either release or gain electrons in chemical reaction.

In our chemistry, it is stated as:

The process of oxidation involves losing electrons

The process of reduction involves gaining electrons.

A highly negative O.R.P. means the water has many extra negatively charged ions that are ready to form bonds with any excess positively charged ions. Once the negative ions bind with the positive ions, they will neutralize the positive ions (H+ or acid) and remove it from our system. Water with a high negative O.R.P. is more likely it is to engage in chemical reactions that donate electrons. And its ability to neutralize oxygen free radicals or acidic positive ions. These electrons are immediately available to engage in reactions that neutralize positively charged free radicals.

Water molecules come in clusters rather, especially in the tap water. It usually comes in very large cluster consists of 10 to 13 molecules per cluster. The ionization process reduces the large water cluster to Micro cluster consists of 5 to 6 molecules per cluster. The smaller cluster gives excellent hydration properties and higher solubility.

Learn more of alkaline water and how an alkaline water machine can bring benefit to you family.

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10 Common Diseases: How to Treat and Even Prevent with Alkaline Water

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 2:25 PM

The Japanese claim that one of the underlying causes of adult diseases is the accumulation of acids in our body. In order for a treatment to be effective it must remove these excess acids from the system, otherwise the treatment will only offer a temporary cure. It is for this reason that medical science is rather poor when it comes to curing adult diseases.*

To help our bodies rid of these acid wastes it's imperative to decrease our intake of acidic foods and drinks and increase our consumption of alkaline foods and drinks. This including drinking plenty of alkaline water. Using a water ionizer is a convenient way to convert tap water to strong alkaline water with a high pH.

As our body is made up of 70% water, alkaline water will help flush out acid wastes which can lead to disease. The diseases discussed below are what Japanese doctors have treated and cured in Japan by means of Alkaline Water and/or elimination of toxins and wastes.*

1. Cancer

Much research has been done in the way of a cure for cancer with little success. Research has shown that the primary cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen in a cell. This lack of oxygen is caused by too much acidity in the system. When the environment becomes too acidic - there is not enough oxygen to go around to all cells in the area.* Drinking high pH alkaline water from a water ionizer which has excess oxygen will help in preventing cancer.

2. Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

The heart is the center of all blood circulation. Your blood transports all nutrients and oxygen to the cells in your body and carries all wastes away from your tissues. Acidification of the body starts in the blood. Doctors have shown that patients with high blood pressure have an acidosis condition and have shown that acid free high pH alkaline water can lower blood pressure. In order to effectively treat high blood pressure the level of acid in the blood must be lowered.

3. Diabetes

In a healthy body the pancreas produces insulin which helps the body to use sugar and carbohydrates properly. However, in the case of people with Diabetes Mellitus, the output of insulin is inadequate for the body's needs.* The reduced production and release of insulin leads to an acidic blood condition. This type of diabetes has been treated very successfully using alkaline water. If we prevent wastes from accumulating by means of alkaline water, the person will not get diabetes.

4. Arthritis

Many forms of arthritis are the result of acid build up in the joints. It is this accumulated acid that damages cartilages and irritates the joints. Unfortunately the blood cannot carry wastes out of the joints easily. Drinking alkaline water will change the acidic condition so the body can fix the problem by itself.

5. Kidney Disease

As the body produces more acidic wastes the kidneys are overworked trying to remove the acids from the blood. Bladder diseases and nephritis are acidic related conditions which can be improved by the consumption of alkaline water.*

Further, kidney stones form in the kidneys because the environment is too acidic. Drinking plenty of alkaline water will prevent the kidney stones from forming and can even dissolve them.

6. Asthma and Allergies

Allergies, in general are the result of an erroneous immune system which builds up antibodies against normally harmless substances. Japanese doctors believe this immune disorder is caused by acidosis. Drinking high pH water from an alkaline water ionizer can help create a more alkaline environment.

7. Osteoporosis

The skeletal structure of the body is a calcium reservoir. When the body becomes too acidic it compensates by taking calcium from the bones which leaves them brittle and prone to breakage. Prolonged usage of alkaline water can help prevent and repair the damages.

8. Eye Diseases

Most people just assume that their vision will get worse with age but this does not have to be the case. If we don't allow acids to accumulate in our cells these things would not happen. Drinking plenty of alkaline water will help!

9. Indigestion, Gas, Nausea

All these symptoms are caused by too much acid. Control of acid by means of alkaline water will help alleviate and prevent these acid-related intestinal and stomach disorders, including ulcers.

10. Chronic Diarrhea and Constipation.

While these may sound contradictory both are the result of too many acids. Too much acid causes the pancreatic juice to be less alkaline and the foods coming into the intestine to be too acidic, causing diarrhea. Drinking alkaline water will help. Doctors in Korea have found that constipation is caused by acid accumulation somewhere near the colon. It is possible that alkaline water helps the secretion of fluids into the colon by eliminating acid build-up.*

Bonus! Pregnant Women Read on... When pregnant, the fetus takes priority in getting all the necessary alkaline minerals which results in the mother losing a lot of alkaline minerals and her blood becoming acidic quite quickly. According to Japanese doctors, this phenomenon is known as morning sickness. Mineral supplements and the continual use of alkaline water are recommended to help alleviate morning sickness.*

A water ionizer turns ordinary tap water into strong alkaline water with a high pH. It is a powerful antioxidant that can help to treat and prevent disease. One of the best things you can do for your health is to use a water ionizer and drink alkaline water.

* Reverse Aging by Sang Whang, 2006

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only. The author of this article is not a medically trained physician; therefore, any theories or suggestions put forward are intended to supplement and not replace the advice of medically or legally trained professionals. All matters concerning your health require medical supervision. Please ensure that you consult your doctor prior to adopting any suggestions put forward by e-SmartLiving, as well as about any condition that may require medical diagnosis or medical attention. E-SmartLiving is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury sustained either directly or indirectly from information put forward in this article

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